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by geoffrey, April 24, 2013 OC13, RP Orange Blog 0

Last night I sat at dinner with one person whom I have known for 15 years, and two more that I have never actually met face to face. In today’s culture, social media has completely changed the way that we interact with people. Last night, Joel and I sat with Todd Kaufmann, and his wife Kerri at Pappacitos in Arlington, Tx. While I know Todd, we have never actually met face to face. We became friends with Todd through twitter, and mutual interests (sports and Jesus). Todd is the person who records the intro to our podcast for us every single week. I looked at Joel after dinner and told him “Is it a little weird we are sitting at dinner with two people we have never met face to face?” We both decided that it was, but it is more amazing that we feel like we really know Todd, even though we have never met him. Social media, while at times can be negative, can also be pretty amazing.

Joel and I were in Dallas getting ready to jump on an airplane Tuesday to head to Atlanta, Georgia.  This week, we have the opportunity to go to the Orange Conference hosted by Reggie Joiner. It is a great opportunity to connect with other people who have a heart for the family. We have talked about Reggie before on the podcast and the website. Reggie started the Orange Conference as an opportunity to train people who have a heart for the family, and connecting the family and church. It was actually at the Orange Conference that Joel and I had the dream to start Radical Parents.

The community that is fostered at Orange and through it is amazing. We are sitting on an airplane headed to Atlanta, yet we have already connected with multiple people who are going to or participating in the conference. For the last couple of weeks we have been searching the hashtag #OC13 on twitter (if you don’t know about twitter, check my post entitled Twitter Explained). We have connected with other people that are like-minded and have a similar vision for the family.

This week we are going to be doing something a little different with Radical Parents. Joel and I are going to try and blog every day about some things that we have learned or experienced. It isn’t going to be the same kind of writing you have read on Radical Parents before, because it is going to be more of a blog format. We are also going to be doing some mini-podcasts every day for the same reason.

We would appreciate your prayers this week, as we both try to grow as pastors who work with families, and as the founders of Radical Parents. This is a great opportunity for us to connect with people and share the vision that we have for Radical Parents. It is also a great opportunity for us as youth pastors to learn better how to connect with the family, volunteers, students, and overall church. We are so thankful that we work at churches that give us this kind of opportunity.

I would really encourage you to check out the OC13 page on RadicalParents.com. We will be posting all of our blogs and podcasts on there. If you are on twitter, you should also check out the #OC13 tag, and if you aren’t following @radicalparents, you should be!

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