Small World

by Joel Wood, April 24, 2013 OC13, RP Orange Blog 0

I love meeting new people. I really love meeting new people who have the same passions that I do. One of the reasons I am returning to Orange (and plan on being here in the future) is because it is a place that I can meet and surround myself with people who have the same passions I do. The more people I meet and the more conversations I have the more I realize how small the world is.

The first stop we made after getting to Atlanta was to the famous Varsity Drive-In. I tweet a picture and short message telling my followers I was about to eat at the local hot spot. A few minutes later a friend in Abilene sends me a message telling me that we (Geoffrey and I) were at the same restaurant at the same time as another one of his friends who lives in Tennessee…small world.

While waiting in line at DFW airport to fly to Atlanta I noticed a group of people who were obviously going to the same conference we were. People who were strangers to me a day ago I have now had multiple encounters with throughout the day and have come to realize the head of their group somehow knows one of the groomsmen in my wedding…small world.

While spending time with other student pastors tonight I had an opportunity to meet João a student pastor for Brazil. He brought a team of five from his church to Atlanta for the conference. After spending almost an hour talking to him and his group I realized that our churches are very similar and we both have a burning desire to reach parents for the sakes of their students…small world.

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