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Let me paint you a word picture. You are on a nice date. You’ve just eaten at Olive Garden and now you and your date are on your way to see the latest RomCom (Romantic Comedy) probably starring Jennifer Aniston and some random guy. The date is going perfect. You are sitting there at the theatre with the feeling that Cupid just shot you with a full quiver of arrows. But then something happens. Something that could ruin the whole date. Nudity. Or someone says the F word 236 times. Or a guy gets both of his legs cut off in some weird way that should be reserved for a Saw movie.

That’s pretty awful when it happens to us as adults, but let me ask you a question. The last time your kid asked you to go see a PG-13 movie, did you know what happened in it? Or, did you just assume that if it was bad your kid would tell you? We, as parents, cannot afford to be naïve about the media we allow our kids to ingest. We need to know what our kids are seeing and what things are influencing them. The media we allow into our kids’ lives absolutely has an impact on them, whether positively or negatively.

Plugged In Online ( is a resource that all of us at Radical Parents use frequently. They review all new media releases from a Christian perspective. When they review new release movies they do so with incredible depth. They will examine any and all positive content. Spiritual content is also assessed, both positive and negative. However, the most helpful area they scrutinize is Sexual Content. In this section, the authors of Plugged In Online will look at every scene that has any sexual content at all and will therefore write about what is shown in depth. If there is any nudity, it will be written in this section. Crude or profane language is counted and listed in another section. They will actually count the amount of profane words and tell the reader in the Crude or Profane Language section. Drug and alcohol content and “Other Negative Elements” are also listed in detail.

One thing to remember about this website, is that it is owned by Focus on the Family, and all of the media reviews are done from a religious perspective.  This website is invaluable to any parent that is striving to parent radically. We are called as parents to do everything we can to help our kids live pure and God-honoring lives. Media is one area that the enemy is always on attack, and Plugged In Online helps each of us be more informed media consumers.

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